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Information security department activities

Recently, the exposure of information security in organizations throughout the industry has been an integral point in all sectors. The major reason for this is surely the emerging technologies and ways of handling information.

Digital Consulting for Enterprise Application Integration

The client has a well-developed conglomerate reputation with billions of revenue and about 30 functional subsidiaries. Furthermore, it also deals with more than 300 global level brands and operates in a diverse range of industries with digital tech consulting services well.

Design and Development of software interface as per the enterprise requirement

The client is a multinational company that originally came into existence in 2009 and was built as well as developed with the use of technology that is nearly or completely a decade old. To make sure that the participants of this vision have a successful initiative, it is important for their tech and overall infrastructure to have all advancements possible.

Online Analytical Application Development

The client our digital tech consulting service at Squad Tech Solution chose to deal with wanted a proper analytical application development service for their business. The client is a partnership of various companies and tech consulting areas. Their major focus is on the proper integration as well as the enhancement of knowledge as well as it is total remodel.


The client is based in the US as a Software development service firm with its major aim of providing solutions for companies dealing mostly in car insurance as well as carmaker industries. Furthermore, with its application development service, the client has a great reputation built over the years among its customers as well as partners.

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