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The Importance and Challenges of Digital Presence

Client Information

The client is based in the US as a Software development service firm with its major aim of providing solutions for companies dealing mostly in car insurance as well as carmaker industries. Furthermore, with its application development service, the client has a great reputation built over the years among its customers as well as partners. Within these partners as well as customers, some of the largest and the most dominant insurance companies in America are listed. Not only is the client dealing with well-known manufacturing brands, but also providing innovative solutions to help them level up their game. Due to this, the client has gained a significant mark in both the insurance as well as the tech industry with its relevant markets. Not only does it provide the best UX and UI design service, but also the best development and consultation as well.

Challenge that the Client had Faced

The major challenge for the client was to have a much more effective and modernized presence online with its major internet sites. Therefore, the client required Squad Tech Solution with the best UX and UI design service as well as web development for the site. Furthermore, to add another layer of convenience for its customers, they also wanted an integrated augmented reality service with the best software development service. Their aim was to develop a solution perfect for concluding claims related to car damage and relevant areas. With the application development service, the major aim was to find a way to guide the insurance company of cars using properly analyzed descriptions. These descriptions included damage and related insights using forms as well as 3d car structures for better understanding.

However, even with the best UX and UI design service and application development service, the major aim of our digital tech consulting service ended up adding more value to the brand. In conclusion, the aim was to upgrade everything in the tech area to a newer level with the best possible features.


Our digital tech consulting service at Squad Tech Solution started by focusing on the major aims of the problem and what it intends to solve. However, despite how complex the data seemed at the start, our Information security software service was enough to keep it simple and comprehensive. In general, the application and software development service teams agreed on a simple and easy procedure with a solution for the client. The solution was basically a newer web application using the best software development service. This app should be designed conveniently to be executed on all types of modern devices. Our digital tech consulting service also recommended the use of interface language powered by automated location tracking,

All screens and areas of the apps were tasked by our Information security software service to fill the existing claim for the client. The user once on the app will be required to type their details and complete a profile with the proper vehicle information as well as necessary requirements. Following that, they will be required to select all the parts that are damaged using a 3d structure of the car that will be designed by Squad Tech Solution design services and teams. Once the damaged part is selected, the app will provide a list of methods available to counter the problem and the details of what level of damage the car has faced. The software development service had to make it as user-friendly as possible in order to provide its customers with a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, the digital tech consulting service suggested overlooking the app using user-end trials to have all minor complexities properly sorted out.

The methods the app offers will be different according to the part that has been highlighted but always is applicable for all the areas of the car. The user will also have the option to add a photo on the part accordingly for more clarity. Once it is done, it will be much easier to detect the major issues and what solutions will suit them the best. But for that, the Information security software service was tasked to create a backend structure for better convenience in the app.

Once everything is done, the problem will be uploaded on the app from where the actual backend stuff begins for the user. This claim will be queued for analysis and the digital tech consulting service will estimate a proper solution for the problem. As the outcomes, the results will come in the forms of email, text as well as other methods that include payment checks and repair areas as well. Based on the method picked from the list, it will assist the user in finding the best solution for their problem. Once any repair area is selected, the distance will be measured and routed on a map for the customer. Just like that, by following, the user will end up fixing all the car problems with ease and convenience. Furthermore, then automated systems will make the process 10x faster than any manual consulting service for vehicle manufacturing.

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