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Digital Consulting for Enterprise Application Integration


The client has a well-developed conglomerate reputation with billions of revenue and about 30 functional subsidiaries. Furthermore, it also deals with more than 300 global level brands and operates in a diverse range of industries with digital tech consulting services well. This includes basic logistics and automotive as well as general, retail, advertising, and many more.

Facing Challenges

Nowadays, businesses related to almost anything have increased their reliance on information and its relevant systems. Therefore it has become crucial for the organizations to keep all the information properly managed as well as secured against any possible challenges or misuse. Recently, advanced levels of technologies have allowed organization to keep their business information properly managed with stable security and an efficient rate. However, due to these advancements, there is a rising number of security threats as well as challenges increasing for them. Day by day, research has shown that about 46 percent of organizations dedicated a large chunk of their annual investment to information security and systems. Furthermore, the use of social media and networking has also been increasing alongside cloud computing, smartphones as well as other relevant devices. Due to this, having the best UX and UI design services matters. Therefore, the risk seems to be increasing, even more, the more digital tech consulting service gets involved.


The consumer business was based on infrastructure free from any reliance on other subsidiaries. Therefore, the operational data became isolated when it came to ERP, CRMs as well as digital scenarios, and management systems. Due to this, the overall data resulted in some inconveniences faced by the consumer side. The major ones are:

Errors and reliability issues in manual data transfers with growing errors. The data efficiency was also impacted and hence was bounded to schedules and deadlines.

There wasn’t any stable level of speed or seamless interactions between the employees and the business.

It lacked the implementation of advanced business-focused strategic programs.

Automating the business directions, decisions and milestones completely wasn’t possible for the company.


Considering the Requirements and Challenges

The consulting team began by properly examining all the consumer-focused application development service and programs. Within the Q&A sessions of the upper management of these businesses, the digital tech consulting services understood existing and functional business procedures, milestones, and details as well as the formation of data exchange and communication as well as it is medium. Following the overall assessment, it led to some vast problems in the outcome of the examination. The digital tech consulting services suggested the integration of the applications as well as systemic inclusions to add more effectiveness to consumers’ IT infrastructure. The biggest milestone for this task was to improve the existing business requirement.

The implementation solution focused on co-joining several Software development service and applications from a diverse range of industries. It included CRMs, web as well as mobile commerce systems, management systems, databases, analytics, and many more relevant tools and solutions. The overall pattern of architecture was meant to be connected by application development service that are cloud-based with several formats. It was needed to manage the synchronization and processing to support proper communication. This resulted in ensuring a better performing and durable IT infrastructure with more flexibility as well.

Building and Integrating Software Architecture

Squad Tech Solution teams presented to implement the architecture of the application based on layers. This recommended architecture layer consisted of 4 layers in total with each focused on its specified responsibilities and outcomes.

Initial Data Entry

It included different and diverse ranges of enterprise systems with CRMs, ERPs, and many more.


This layer had the responsibility to extract and transform data into the desired format as well as route and advancements.

Data Storage

The storing of data for this was linear and constant data storage with proper data access as well as encryption. Its responsibility was mainly focused on the storage as well as the processing of functional and analytics from the data.

Business Intelligence

The layer was focused on the analytics of data, it is reporting as well as clarification.

Benefits of the Layered Architecture

  • Isolated changes based on layers in the long term.
  • Better functionality and stability from lower-level layers.
  • Elimination of possible security issues and challenges.
  • A comprehensive and simple understanding of the system on the corporate scale.
  • Easy to maintain and manage the system for the conglomerate.

The actual integration was focused on ESB and ETL methods for a better and smoother exchange of data. The tools were made responsible for unloading and managing huge amounts of data. ETL and ESB both dealt with the management of this level of Information security software service to provide more clarity to the business’ long-term milestones and objectives. However, since it was growing massively, it needed proper assessment to analyze all the options possible for the existing technology. Therefore, an assessment regarding this area was also proceeded with.

Assessing and Analyzing Available Technology

Within the information security software service, Squad Tech Solution assessed as well as analyzed different tech stacks suitable for the business. The choices came from the consumer partnership with the information security software service providers as well as tech and its pre-existing infrastructure. It was a method and collection of options that included:

  • Integration following the SAP technology and procedures.
  • Integration following the Microsoft tech and Information security software service options.
  • Integration using the Microsoft options with Talend Data Fabrication.
  • Integration with ESB, Microsoft, and ETL data fabrication.

From the consumer’s point of view with cloud strategic process and plans to stabilize IoT and streaming, the options have the inclusion of all solutions. Some of those needed minimal activities for cloud-based migration. On the other hand, the digital tech consulting services team recommended the best architecture method for all areas as well.


Squad Tech Solution developed easy-to-understand descriptions as well as reportings of all the integration scenarios. It has the inclusion of the best UX and UI design service, guidelines as well as data procedures, and management structure. Due to this, there was more transparency and flexibility in the final reports of the consultations. The digital tech consulting services team also included explained suggestions on the final design of the infrastructure as well as the pros and cons of all the relevant connection types. There was a brief comparison of the tools with costs and expenses as well. It also required for the team to hire the best UX and UI design service team.

In addition to that, the software development service team explained the potential challenges concerning the architecture and advised proper solutions for each of them. Due to this, the integrated application development service dealt with important personal as well as company data. Squad Tech Solution advised stable and effective data security strategies for all integration patterns for better outcomes.


The consumer attained comprehended and properly assessed implemented scenarios as well as stacks to have a more effective data of the conglomerate. All the action plans were allowed to have precise and simple to understand constant data that is safe to move anywhere across different systems. With the Information security software service, there were no security concerns. Following the procedures of the software development service team, it provided the best functionality.

To ensure more growth and flexibility for the company and its future, Squad Tech Solution suggested other integration options. These options allowed a better and smoother explanation of better components without much expenses for the software development service teams.


The Software development service team used Q&A sessions, business analytics, comparative analytics, and functional notings. For design, the firm went with the best UX and UI design service team. The Software development service team also contributed equally in the overall framework.

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