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Online Analytical Application Development


The client our digital tech consulting service at Squad Tech Solution chose to deal with wanted a proper analytical application development service for their business. The client is a partnership of various companies and tech consulting areas. Their major focus is on the proper integration as well as the enhancement of knowledge as well as it is total remodel. Furthermore, their aims also include the integration of vocational technical training, education as well as growing professional practices. The customer is very well expert in the area of tech and hence always looking forward to staying ahead of the curve in the industry.


With the constant increase as well as complexities growing day by day in data, we know that software development service rely on data most of the time in order to perform at their best. However, with large chunks of diverse data, it becomes very difficult for companies to focus on their milestones while also keeping that data managed and properly integrated into their systems. With the client, they intend to store a large amount of data that exist in all diverse areas as well as industries. Basically, it is based on the educational system and is heavily empowered by different chunks of data. The client was constantly creating data tables that had great functionality but were very limited and is considered totally temporary and not effective for the long term. Therefore, the storage system of the client quickly became ineffective and caused the information many issues. These issues consisted of the prevention of invaluable insights, data mismanagement, and other complexities growth within the diverse collection of data. This is why the client requires a proper system for all the diverse range of data that is available. Alongside that, it also requires the enabling of importing of data with proper analytics and statistical insights. It is certain that the major aim of the client is to manage and store data in a much more effective and productive way with the best UX and UI design service. Not only that but to also keep the overall system to date with the industry in terms of having the best systems to integrate and analyze necessary data.


The digital tech consulting service at Squad Tech Solution started the process by giving the business a fresh and attractive appeal with the best UX and UI design service. This was proceeded by the best UX and UI design service of a website developed for the users to develop statistical reports as well as for analytics on the software development service of the educational system in the area. The website during its software development service had a central focus on the implementation of proper formulations to ensure the best stability of the data. This is why the site got complemented with a database specifically developed for its central requirements with the application development service. Since the major focus was on data all the time, it was not surprising that everything on the site had a strong emphasis on the data being stored and integrated.

Arithmetic areas and aggregates of total calculations of the sum.

Software development service and creation of visuals based on the data input by the users on the site.

The clients were focused on the software development service of something extra for the site to keep its versatility at its maximum. As a result, they ended up developing a specific module for the addition as well as the subtraction of data and allowed automated systemic backups. This allowed the site a much more robust infrastructure as well as prevented any sort of possible data loss during processes such as importing. The pre-existing articulation system enabled the specified access for various groups of users interacting. The major groups were further divided equally into three areas:



The site after being consulted and developed by the Squad Tech Solution underwent various processes to ensure its maximum outcomes. As a result, the team noticed several areas of consideration for the site as well as to give it more versatility in the long term. The final site enabled the decreasing of data amount tables more than 3 times the previous amount. Following that the amount faced duplication of data more than 5 times compared to the previous ones. The storage, analytics, and presentations were further improved using the integration of newer databases, generators as well as the specific module for adding a robust structure to data collection on the site. The team also helps enable as well as properly develop a feature to ensure protection from any kind of misuse as well as incorrect or incomplete entries within the database. As a final result, the digital tech consulting service at Squad Tech Solution found a significant change in the functionality of the site as well as value added. Therefore, the system had much more stability and functionality alongside versatile and specified features for the long term. The team as a whole managed to improve the value by 5 times by comparing the previous systems and versions for the client.

Methods and Tools

For the CMS, Squad Tech Solution and its digital tech consulting service went with using Drupal 6 for better systemic management. Using additional modules, it included CCK, Taxonomy, and MySQL 5. x for the final databases. The data processing language used by the team was PHP 5.2x running on the Apache 2. x web servers with proper consultation and management. Aside from the backend, the front end was quite limited since it only required a better visual representation and nothing over the top. Due to this, digital tech consulting service included Java Script, AJAX as well as JQuery, and XHTML for the front-end software development service of the site. As for the IDE, mostly Netbeans and Eclipse were recommended used in the software development service. Even though most of the software development service was on Windows, Linux contributed equally to the value of this site.

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